Just a casual day out with Kane, buying garbage cans.

Kane and I weren’t actually out for the sole purpose of buying a garbage can, but it did become one the highlights of the day.

We were actually out because we had to handle some wedding business today, of which I’d rather not speak about right now ’cause it stresses me out. Things are on the up and up, and (very) slowly, but surely, it feels like this wedding is actually starting to come together.

On another note, these photos are kind of a big deal, because I’ve asked Kane to take my outfit photos a few times, but for whatever reason, I just can’t pose in front of him! We’ve been together for so long, and are SO COMFORTABLE with each other, but I turn into such an awkward turtle when I ask him to take my photo. However, I am determined to turn him into a five-star Instagram husband, so I’m working on my own awkwardness, and I have to say, these turned out pretty well. They’re almost as good as the ones I take of myself. HAHA.

Also, let’s be real—there was no way I was going to pass up an outfit shoot in this beautiful weather, and while I was wearing my most favourite plastic trousers.

Outfit details:
Lipstick – Fenty Beauty
Trench Coat – GAP
Blazer, belt, and pants – H&M
T shirt – Missguided
Bag – COS
Sunglasses and boots – ZARA

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