As Daniel Caesar said, “Only two things in life that I’m sure of…”

Unfortunately, this post isn’t at all romantic like a Daniel Caesar song. Sorry.

I feel (a little bit) like death, ’cause ya girl’s tired. My sleep schedule is really fucked up, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Being fully ~self-employed~ means that I have to submit my taxes, like, now. While filing quarterly taxes might not be the worst thing in the world for some, it should be noted that I truly hate math and numbers in general. Fortunately, the universe threw me a bone in the form of THIS Facebook live hosted by Turbo Tax Canada, specifically for self-employed individuals. (Special shoutout to Gracie Carroll for posting about the event.) Now I don’t feel so utterly clueless about filing my taxes. YAY!

Before I re-watch the video and study up, I have another — well, three — updates for you guys! Kane and I found a wedding venue and photographer, and we’ve got a wedding date! Finally! I’ll write more about this later. BRB, gotta pay the government some $$$.

Outfit details:
Coat – Forever21
Hoodie – H&M
Camouflage pants – GAP
Shoes – Nike

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