This is the face I make when it’s suddenly necessary for me to be wearing a sweater when I go outside.
As I said in my Instagram post, though — I’m not entirely mad at the weather ’cause it’s perfect for hats.

So, the weather sucks, yada yada. Anyway, on to more important matters — my half marathon is in about a month and a half. Yikes! Since I first wrote about it here, I’ve been training, and I can pretty comfortably run 15km now. However, I’m just trying to research recovery methods, because I’m trying not to hurt myself.

I started going to yoga again, to work on my flexibility and just general stretching, because I’m terrible at remembering to stretch my limbs before and after a run, which I am trying to improve upon. I’ve even started stretching on days when I’m not running to try and turn it into a habit.

While I’m definitely still nervous about the half marathon, slowly but surely, I’m becoming more and more excited. I’m trying to focus my energy on being positive these days, and so I’m feeling okay about stepping way out of my comfort zone and doing this.

I know I haven’t been updating my training progress here, but I have been posting about my training on Instagram, if you want to check it out. At this point, I figure a post-half marathon blog post is probably all I’ll have time for. Focusing on the blog and my own social media accounts has been tough lately because I have a lot of projects on the go, but I’m not complaining. I’m happy with what I’m doing, but I really need to work on time management.

Outfit details:
Sweater, jeans, and shoes – ZARA
Hat – Wilfred
Phone case – Zero Gravity
Lipstick – MAC liquid lipstick in shade, “Oh so grand”

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