Oh hey there, it’s been a while.
It’s been almost a month since my last post, and there’s definitely good reason for it, I promise.

Let’s recap, shall we? The last time I posted, I was semi-cryptically talking about being flexible and things unexpectedly happening in your life, yada, yada, yada.
I wasn’t quite ready to talk about what was actually happening yet, ’cause cautious optimism, but basically, I got a job. The reason I was all “things happen for a reason” about it, was that I actually wasn’t really looking for a job. Being a full-time freelance writer was really working for me. I was starting to adjust to working from home/neighbourhood coffee shops, and even though it was definitely a hustle, and the struggle was SO REAL, I was really beginning to enjoy working at my own pace and choosing projects that I really liked.

However, as luck would have it, I got hired for a job that I applied for, just because it seemed like it could be cool. And, as it turns out, the job is really cool — plus, it’s still accommodating of my freelance life. Now, I’m a part-time office gal and a part-time freelancer, too. I’m knocking on wood as I type this, but it’s been really great to have the best of both worlds, job-wise. It’s also been really nice to interact with other people on a regular basis. I’m sure Kane is happy too, ’cause I’m back on a regular shower schedule! HAHAHA. Just feeling #blessed right now.

Alright, I’m going to try and get back to a regular blogging schedule, but for now, just going to get back to my 1,000 deadlines, and also put all of my laundry away before Kane leaves me for a neater woman. Bye!

**Don’t get it twisted: Freelance or not, I’d definitely be showering like, always, ’cause it’s summer and it’s hot AF.

Outfit details:
Shirt – Urban Outfitters (It was a REALLY short dress that I just turned into a crop top ’cause whatever)
Skirt – ZARA
Sneakers – Adidas

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