Am I a fitness blogger now?

The short answer is no. I was, however invited to an event, hosted by Lole Women to test out their new Smart Bra. The event was held at Pop Physique, where we could be doing a barre class and see how their new smart bra, and the Mi Pulse wearable technology.
Basically, a small heart monitor attaches to your sports bra, eliminating the need to wear a separate band around your body. The monitor then syncs up with your smart watch or phone via bluetooth, so you can see your progress. I’ve used fitness apps before, but I’d never had anything track my heart rate before, so it was cool to see that.
I’ve also wanted to try a barre workout for a long time now, and while I’m glad I got the opportunity to, holy crap was it difficult! I basically got my ass kicked.
I’m happy to report that the bra was comfortable, and that it worked beautifully. I was even happier to try the tasty treats they had to offer, post-workout.

Since the event, I’ve worn the bra on two runs, and the support is amazing. I’d definitely recommend it to people who do high and low-impact workouts. If you’re trying to get in shape, or just hoping to get more active, Lole is currently doing a 21-day challenge, and it starts today! Sign up HERE, and get moving with me!

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