Interrupting my usually monochromatic programming to bring you a shot of pink.

Like, LOTS of pink.
Since music festival season has begun, I recently wrote a piece for 29Secrets about hairstyles to try if you’re at a festival. Even though I will not be attending any festivals, a fact that I am absolutely not salty about in the slightest, the great folks at Cake Beauty sent me some of their must-have products for anyone spending a couple of days out in the desert — or perhaps for freelancers who sometimes forget to wash their hair after spending a few days inside, working.
Seriously, you guys. One of the jokes I’ve been making most often these days is that I forget to a) wash my hair, and b) what day it is, since I’m almost always at home just working. However, this is not a joke. I actually have forgotten to wash my hair for a few days, and I just have to thank my kind and loving boyfriend for not judging me when he sees the oily mess that is my hair. He also just doesn’t touch my hair on those days.
I kind of really love everything they sent me, but I’ve only tested two of the products for a whole day to see how they hold up. First, there’s “the wave maker,” photographed above. It’s a wave spray, similar to the Bumble and Bumble one I used to be obsessed with. The biggest difference I found between the two is that the Cake Beauty one wasn’t at all drying on my hair. Since my ends were bleached, I’ve been really careful about making sure I don’t dry out my ends more than they are already, and I was a little nervous that using salt spray would make my ends feel crunchy. It didn’t, and I am so happy, ’cause your girl loves anything that adds wave and texture to my usually flat locks, so this one gets a big thumbs up from me.

The next product I’ve gotten to really test drive is their “the all powerful” dry shampoo.

I haven’t really ever met a dry shampoo I didn’t like, but I have been known to over-spray, leaving my roots a nice, chalky grey colour. However, the all powerful comes in different shades, so it blends well with your hair colour, no matter how much you use. My roots are pretty dark, and that’s really the only spot I ever need to use dry shampoo, so their darkest shade worked wonders for me.

I should have probably mentioned this earlier as well, but Cake Beauty is a Canadian, cruelty-free and vegan brand. I know that many hair and beauty junkies out there are making the move towards cruelty-free, natural products, so if you’re looking for a new hair brand to try, you should definitely give Cake Beauty a go. Not to mention everything smells like sweet treats, so your hair ends up looking shinier, cleaner, and smelling like a delicious pastry!

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