Not entirely sure how this happened, but I had a wildly productive MORNING.

If you know me personally, you know that it’s a rare occasion I’m even awake in the morning, much less up and about!

I was so early today, that I managed to grab a window seat at Sorry — another rare occasion, if you’re familiar. Looking at the time right now, I can’t believe I’m back home for lunch before heading out for round two of my cafe work sessions. Waking up early and getting started on work was really great, but let’s see if I can keep it going for at least the next, let’s say, week. I doubt it, but I put it out there, so I’ve at least got to try, right?

To my morning people pals: How do you get your day started so early?? Tell me your secrets, please!

Outfit details:
Leather Jacket & boots – ZARA
Sunglasses – Ray Ban
Lipstick – Charlotte Tilbury in shade “Red carpet red”
Turtle neck – Club Monaco
Jeans – Forever21

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