Because dilophosaurus sleeves are SO in right now.

If you follow me on the ‘gram (and if not, please do!) you’ve already seen a bit of this blouse via THIS post. And yes, I recycled the joke, okay? I’m tired and it’s currently raining outside so I am in no mood to channel any kind of wit or humour.

Anyway, I’ve been really digging the bell-sleeve thing lately, and the texture of this blouse made it feel kind of special in a $14.99-at-H&M-so-just-buy-it kind of way, and while I’ve only worn it once so far, I am excited to add it to my fall wardrobe staples.

In other news, I’ve recently been a little MIA on the blog because I recently started a new job (yay!!!) and I’m still trying to find my groove, balancing work and blogging, so please bear with me while I figure it all out.
Outfit details:
Sunglasses – Up & Armed
Blouse – H&M
Vest – Elizabeth and James
Bag – Danier
Trousers – ZARA

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