I don’t think I’ve worn a mini skirt, ever.
Until today, of course. Actually, it’s quite possible that I wore mini skirts as a little kid, because my mom was all about dressing me like a girly-girl, but as soon as I hit elementary school, my mini skirt-wearing days were over.

I’m not entirely sure why I stopped wearing mini skirts. It’s not that I don’t like them, although I do dislike my legs’ limited range of motion when I wore this one today. It forced me to walk around daintier, which, if you know me, is not really my style.

So why the change of heart, you ask? I’ve been thinking about that since I bought it. On the one hand, I feel like I’m still pretty damn young (27 if you’re wondering) but I limit myself to wearing things that I deem “age-appropriate.” **NOTE: This isn’t totally true, since I also find myself buying/wearing clothes as an adult that I would have LOVED to own/wear as a teenager. You know, so if young me ever met old me, she’d think I was cool. More than age-appropriateness, I often just think mini skirts are too short…for me. I’m only 5″4, but my legs are disproportionately long, and I always feel like mini skirts always look a little too mini on me, so I don’t usually ever bother even trying them on.

Ultimately, it was the price tag that swayed me. I found this skirt on sale for $19.99 and of course I couldn’t resist. That’s right, I couldn’t resist the not black, but green, mini skirt. I actually think I might even love it.

I’ll basically try anything out of my sartorial comfort zone for 20 bucks.

P.S. I’m sorry I’ve been MIA for the past 2 weeks. One of my best friends just gave birth to her FIRST baby! It has been exciting and emotional and wonderful, and I just could not even begin to post about, much less photograph, outfits when there was sweet little baby to think about. Mom and baby are doing well, and visits have and will continue to be frequent. And you best believe as soon as mom and dad okay it, I will be sharing a photo with you!

Outfit details:
Sunglasses – MARC by Marc Jacobs
T-shirt – GAP
Skirt & shoes – ZARA
Lipstick – “Lady Danger” by MAC
Bag – Aritzia

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