Never not saying no to burgers—especially ones that match my outfit/lipstick.

My friend Ketzia and I, a fellow burger-lover, went to the Burger Pawty 3.0 event at Untitled & Co. this Sunday. Anytime there’s a combo of tasty food, treats, booze, and a furry swing, best believe I’m there!
There was no way I was just going to try one burger when there were THREE options.
From left, we have The Untitled Burger: A hand pressed turkey patty, topped with a slice of goat cheese, a zesty lemon-garlic aioli and fresh arugula, served in between two marble waffles, The Barbie Burger: The OG Pink Burger with a hand pressed beef patty, topped with sharp white cheddar cheese, our special sesame mayo, pickled red shallots and crispy pork rinds, served in between two pink waffles, and my personal favourite—The Neue Burger: A hand pressed, hand breaded chicken patty, topped with a bold BBQ mayo, pickled watermelon radish and a slice of crispy bacon, served in between two charcoal waffles.

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