I woke up on the wrong side of the bed the other day, so I employed the help of one of my favourite little black dresses and eyeliner to cheer me up.

It’s like I said above: “Get it where you can.” That’s my way of saying, just do what you have to do to get through the day.
No matter what its about, the “Do what you gotta do” mentality really really works. It’s not always pretty, but sometimes life isn’t glamourous, and it takes lunch from the cheap Vietnamese place by work to cure you from a really bad hangry episode.
On this day in particular, the back alley with my camera resting atop a recycling bin was my “set” for this blog post, because I forgot my tripod at home. I could have put it off another day, but when it’s “do what you gotta do,” you have to get the blog post photos (or the lunch to keep you from throwing a fit) where you can get it, whether it be the cheap Vietnamese place, or a back alley with your camera resting atop a recycling bin. Also, when the little black dress helps hide the food baby from all that Vietnamese food, it’s a total win-win, am I right?
And those are my two cents for the day.
Outfit details:
Eyeliner – “Tattoo liner” by Kat Von D Beauty
Dress and shoes – H&M

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