Years ago,  I was on the streetcar with my best friend Amanda, and as we passed by the financial district, we noticed all of the corporate ladies of King St. and Bay St. speed-walking to their respective offices wearing their pencil skirts and comfortable sneakers. I’m almost positive we laughed at them. Now look at me!

Growing up, I was very aware of trends. In the pursuit of coolness, of course I had to make sure I wore the same brands and similar outfits as my friends, even if I wasn’t sure it really adhered to my personal style. I stepped out of my comfort zone, not because I wanted to try something new, but because I really just wanted to seem cool. I was a teenager, sue me.
Now that I’m a little older, I throw caution to the wind a bit more when it comes to style. I mean, I pretty much only wear black, and I know that doesn’t scream “daredevil style,” but what I’m trying to say is that I’m not as concerned with trends as I used to be. I’ve lived (and shopped) long enough to know what I like, and I’m kind of okay with sticking to that. Now, I step out of my comfort zone because I want to branch out, sartorially speaking.
Sure, every now and again I try a trend, but dammit, if I want to walk home from work at 5pm, best believe I’m changing into comfortable shoes first.*
*At least sometimes. I’m not THAT old yet.
Outfit details:
Lipstick – “Outlaw” Everlasting liquid lipstick by Kat Von D
Dress – H&M
Jacket – Forever 21
Shoes – Nike Huaraches

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